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September 27, 2010


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I totally agree Lone....I hope to make more classic well as my 'fancier' ones. I think there is room for all !!


Dear Jenny,

I, too, certainly hope there will be LOTS MORE like him; he's so sweet!! I do understand what you say and that becoming more and more skillful it's hard to stop developing all the time. Your new creations are fantastic, and I absolutely ADORE all 7 masterpieces you so kindly let me adopt, but to be honest - your traditional bears have always captured my heart, like my Hazelnut (remember her ?!) - so back to basics certainly isn't a bad thing at all, when it comes to you!! Long for enlarging my family again - so keep them coming :-)

Hugs Lone


Back to basics.....I can go along with that one and agree with what you are saying Jenny:o)) A traditional bear can look just as good because of the practice and experience you have gained over time. It must have made you feel really good to make a straight forward bear even though the urge was there to do a bit of 'tweeking' know the feeling! LOL!!


Thanks also proves I can actually do a simple bear..which I am pleased about!!

Sue, FenBeary Folk

.......I am in total agreement, although I am infant in the bear world compared to you. It can be very hard to cope with all the added bits that are expected these days but Just Andy proves that a gorgeous bear will stand alone without all the extras.....stunning as ever xx

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