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Having been a hairdresser for 34 years teddy bear making whirled into my life turning it upside down and inside out. I now only do hairdressing one day a week and make my little bears every day.
I have been thoroughly captivated by making these bears and other creatures, they have excited me in a way I would not have believed possible before they found me , they have fired my enthusiasm, stimulated my creativity and pushed my crafting skills further than I would have tried without their encouragement.
Before I started making bears I could not sew , I was a hairdresser through and through. I have had a great career out of hairdressing winning many awards and establishing a successful salon with a reputation for high standards.
After 30 odd years of cutting hair though I was hungry to find another direction in which to take my artistic skills and never in my wildest dreams think it would involve sewing.
The THREE O'CLOCK BEARS were born 6 years ago and we have never looked back. I strived continually to redefine the signature look that I have established, constantly seeking to improve, evolve and experiment with new ideas. Some work, some never see light of day.
My bears have been adopted all over the world and I am always pinching myself that people have taken them to their hearts.
Bear making has afforded me the great privilege of introducing me to wonderful people worldwide and I have made friends with collectors and bear makers alike, these are friendships I will always cherish.
I look forward to the future now with enthusiasm, optimism and hope and for once in my life there are just not enough hours in any day!!